Released on No Trend Records, April 2018

“Their debut LP Odd Talk is full of dissonant guitar, abstract lyrical segues, bassline hooks, and drumbeat sinkers, and never obvious how the band gets from track one to track ten.” -Post-Trash

“Done right, post-punk can still fray nerves” - New York Times

"It’s perhaps disturbingly and unpredictably timely, but the questions of identity raised in the music’s heavy atmosphere are oddly cathartic, like laughing at your own failures. -Consequence of Sound

“It is without a question one of the best tracks released by a Chicago artist this year and as a whole, a song worthy of repeated spins.” Brittany Julious for the Chicago Tribune on “Sunk” from the lead a/b single “Pyrrhic Victory”

“The first is a swirling, atmospheric jam, while the second gets a bit more fearsomely noisy. Both tracks are very much worth your time.” Stereogum on lead single a/b “Pyrrhic Victory”


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"On Ganser’s latest EP, the band makes anxiety their art form." – Afropunk