“What a time to be alive.” ESP. Dyslexia. Moments of gesture. Should I? And Why? Morse Code. Body language. Dropped calls.
Mumbled, spit out, Ganser explores communication breakdown on their debut LP, Odd Talk. Seeking meaning in mess, they sort through syllables and signals to find the right words. When's the last time you called your mother?

Recorded Summer 2017 by Brian Fox & Ganser at Altered States Recording. 
Produced by Ganser & Donnie Moore. 
Mastered by Daniel Husayn at The North London Bomb Factory. 

All songs written & performed by Ganser. 
Art by Alicia Gaines. 

Alicia Gaines [bass+vox] 
Nadia Garofalo [keys+vox] 
Brian Cundiff [drums] 
Charlie Landsman [guitar]